About Us

We’re not just consultants. We’re also curators, collaborators, and most importantly, art lovers.

Buying art is easy. Buying a lifetime of satisfaction is not.

There are thousands of art markets that sell art. You can even buy a piece of art right this second on the internet? So why even bother to hire a consultant? Because there are thousands of markets and artists you can buy from. As curators, we know where to find the perfect art just for you. As consultants, we can guide you through the world of art. And as art lovers, we know that there is always a piece of art out there just for you. Art isn’t just an expensive decoration. We believe that art can be an experience that will satisfy your soul.

Whether you’re a corporation looking to engage more clients through your space or you’re an individual wanting to start their first collection, we got you. Whether you know exactly what you want or you’re just taking your first step in collecting, we’re more than happy to help you out. Don’t be afraid to ask, we love talking about art. Let’s talk.

We are all connected

To us, art isn’t just what gets displayed on the wall. Art is also about the connection we make along the way. That includes the connection between our clients and the talented artists that can help them create their vision.

It started with a dream

Just like all our projects, Artgence started as a dream. The world was globalizing, but why is art lagging behind? Art viewing was still physical and local. Art selling and buying were done in person. We also know through our experience that there are so many talented artists around the world that have not received the recognition they deserved. So what if we killed two birds with one stone? Combining our desire to advocate for artists with the technologies we are developing, we wanted to push art to continue to evolve. And we have.

Our Team

Marques Hardin

Founder/Art Consultant/ Art Investment Advisor

Jeremy Chausse

Curator/ NFT Expert

Trisha Mccauley
Trisha Mccauley

Curator/Art Consultant

Theirry Renard

Executive Director