Experience Paris through  the lens of Fine Art 

See the unseen, Bespoke Tour

Explore fine art specially tailored to you!

Indulge in a Luxurious Art Tour tailored for art enthusiasts visiting Paris and seeking to add to their fine art collection. Perfect for both seasoned collectors and newcomers alike, our bespoke tour provides a unique opportunity to explore the city through the lens of fine art, while visiting the finest galleries that align with your art preferences and investment range.



Private Car



Food & Drinks




Prior to your visit, we'll have a detailed conversation about your preferences in fine art, including size requirements, technique, and theme. I'll conduct a comprehensive evaluation of the space in your home where you intend to display your new artwork. During your visit, we'll set a date to tour the top galleries in Paris, with each gallery being pre-informed of your arrival and given instructions on how to display pieces that align with both your taste and budget. Our curated tour will take us to up to five art galleries, providing ample opportunity to find the perfect piece for your collection.

What Clients Say

I had no idea what I was doing when it came to buying art, but this tour really helped me find my inner art connoisseur. Not only did I discover some incredible pieces, but I also learned how to impress my friends with words like 'postmodern' and 'abstract expressionism'. Thanks for the laughs and the education, Marques!

- Nat J.

I was hesitant to spend money on art, but this tour really helped me see the value in investing in something beautiful and unique. Marques provided excellent insights and advice on how to choose the right piece for my taste and budget, and I ended up with a beautiful piece that I'm proud to display. Plus, I now know how to impress my in-laws with my newfound art knowledge!

- Christine M

I have never laughed so hard while learning about art. Marques is nuts with sarcastic humor but his love for Paris is apparent, all while showing us some of the most beautiful pieces of art I have ever seen. I ended up buying a piece that reminded me of a grilled cheese sandwich, but somehow it looks amazing in my living room.

- James S

Enhance Your Art Collection, Savor the Finer Things of Paris, and Depart with a Lasting Memory.



Starts at 11:30 hrs

  • 3-hour tour
  • 5 Galleries
  • Transportation not included

Best Value



Starts at 14:00 hrs

  • 7-hour tour
  • 6 Galleries
  • Aperitif included
  • Dinner included
  • All transportation included

Extra Person + 250€



Include private car | Starts at 14:00 hrs

  • 7-hour tour
  • 8 Galleries
  • Aperitif included
  • Dinner included
  • Airport or Train pick-up
  • Hotel Arrangements (price not included)

Extra Person + 500€

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