January 31, 2023 8:53 am

Marques Hardin


Is it finally time to put the idea of good and bad taste in art to rest? The ongoing struggle for equality and the right to free speech has made art a potent vehicle for self-expression and the advancement of social change. In the end, artistic taste is personal; you either like it or you don’t.

The Value of Individual Taste in Art

It’s crucial to understand that everyone has different tastes in art, both YOURS and THEIRS. Finding works that speak to you personally is what matters most in the art world, which can occasionally become mired in its own egotism. You want works of art that express who you are, reflect your personal style, and have sentimental value when starting or expanding your collection.

Art is a narrative, not just a physical object. There is the artist’s creation’s backstory, and then there is your own emotional response to it. Art’s true worth transcends its monetary value and is determined by its sentimental value.

Art’s Impact on Emotion

Understanding how art affects you and being in touch with your emotions are essential for a true appreciation of art. You’ll know when the time is right. You’ll come across a work that affects you deeply and that you can’t live without. You will have a lifetime emotional connection when you are in tune with yourself and are aware of your aesthetic preferences.

Creating Art

Both royalty and commoners have amassed significant collections of art throughout human history. It is a method of communication that endures despite differences in language and socioeconomic status.

Possession of Art

The idea that you can own art just like you own a pair of shoes is a common one. You are actually only acting as the art’s temporary caretaker and custodian. Although you cannot take art to your grave with you, it can be given to and enjoyed by later generations, possibly increasing in value over time.

Welcome to the world of art, where enduring works of art are created by fusing beauty, expression, and emotion.


I work as an art advisor for the Paris, France-based company Artgence. It would be my pleasure to assist you in your search for the artwork that satisfies both your aesthetic preferences and your desire for a good deal.



About the Author

Marques Hardin is the founder of Artgence and author of the blog.

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