Julie Bessard

Country : France
Type : Painting
Date : 2022
Size : 80 x 80 cm
Material : Oil Pastel on Paper


About the Artist 

Born in 1971, Julie Bessard received her higher education in art at the Regional School of Plastic Arts in Fort-de-France, where she earned her National Diploma in Visual Arts in 1995. It was there that she began her artistic practice, which includes painting, drawing, and installation work.

About the Artwork

Julie Bessard’s works exhibit a complex and nuanced interplay between deep black backgrounds and vibrant colors, achieved through the use of linear graphics in three-dimensional space. These works offer a unique and engaging visual experience, which could be described as a “mega-pictorial seismographic adventure”. Bessard’s art is both expansive and inclusive, as each shape within the composition is not a definitive starting point, but rather an ongoing, unresolved element. This sense of perpetual beginning is maintained throughout the work, creating a dynamic relationship with the boundless world of potential possibilities.


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