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Rob Grad

Featured Artist at Haute Photographie 2023, Rob is a southern California native who began his career as a singer songwriter, after a successful career touring around the United States and some part of Europe he transitioned to graphic art and photography developing his own unique way of telling stories through poetic images.

Artist Bio

Rob Grad is a talented artist, musician, and writer from Southern California, who has gained recognition for his personal yet bold 3D collages, sculptures, writing, and music. Grad's art is heavily layered with photographs of natural and urban scenes, drawings, paintings, and his own words, which are influenced by his twenty years living in Venice Beach, California.

Grad's work focuses on themes like desire and fulfillment in a world dominated by technology, social media, and politics. His art is characterized by his philosophy of always pushing himself into new and uncomfortable territory to find the extraordinary in the ordinary.

Grad's art has been exhibited in museums, galleries, and art fairs around the world, including Art Basel Switzerland and Miami. His recent shows have been held at Haute Photographie Rotterdam, The Museum of Art and History in Lancaster, CA, and the Torrance Art Museum in Torrance, CA. Additionally, Grad has done large scale commission work for organizations such as the San Francisco airport, Hudson Pacific Properties, El Rancho Properties, the Zildjian corporate offices in Boston and Los Angeles, and the Griffin Athletic Club in Los Angeles.

Apart from his art, Grad is also an accomplished musician. He was signed to RCA records and appeared on MTV not long after he graduated from high school, making him part of the "MTV generation." His early days as a musician have influenced his new work, as he explores the intersection between art and music. Grad's accomplishments in the art world and music industry demonstrate his multidisciplinary talent and his ability to create thought-provoking work across different mediums.

- Rob Grad