Cameroonian contemporary artist Sesse Elangwe is based in West Africa. He’s well-known for his stirring canvases that delve into issues of personal and societal identity. Elangwe’s compositions frequently feature traditional motifs and symbols that reflect his Cameroonian upbringing and cultural background.

When Elangwe first started painting professionally in the late 1990s, his work was immediately hailed for its daring, energetic strokes. He is interested in how color and shape interact and uses complementary colors to create dynamic compositions.

Elangwe’s use of color to convey emotion and meaning is one of the most striking aspects of his work. His use of strong, vibrant colors to convey speed and vitality is a signature of his work. Color plays an important role in conveying the mood he’s going for in his work.

Themes of personal history and cultural background are also common in Elangwe’s artwork. There is a strong sense of place and cultural significance in his paintings thanks to his frequent use of traditional motifs and symbols from his home country.

Aside from being a painter, Elangwe is also an involved member of the Cameroonian art community, having had his work displayed at a number of exhibitions and art fairs in the country. His artwork has been featured in museum and gallery exhibitions across Africa and Europe, where it has been praised for its striking visuals and profound affect.

In sum, Sesse Elangwe is a skilled and well-established artist whose work is notable for its vivid, emotionally resonant depictions of life and death. His paintings are striking in appearance and profound in meaning due to his use of color and traditional motifs, as well as his exploration of themes of identity and culture. He is highly involved in the Cameroonian art scene, and his pieces have been exhibited in museums and galleries around the world.


Kolo ya mor, 2022

Acrylique sur toile
78 7/10 × 78 7/10 in | 200 × 200 cm

Emancipation, 2021

Acrylique sur toile
78 7/10 × 78 7/10 in | 200 × 200 cm

Political yahoo, 2022

Acrylic on canvas
98 2/5 × 78 7/10 in | 250 × 200 cm

Our daily bread, 2022

Acrylique sur toile
78 7/10 × 78 7/10 in | 200 × 200 cm



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