To learn about the shipping of your artwork, please check the artwork page for the pieces you’re interested in as each item ships directly from the artist and the shipping method may vary. There are three categories to look out for:

  • Ships in a cardboard box: This item will be shipped flat in a well-protected cardboard box with ample support to ensure it arrives safely from the artist’s studio to your home.
  • Ships in a crate: This item will be shipped in a wooden crate built for shipping art worldwide, with packaging materials that meet strict guidelines to keep the artwork secure during its journey.
  • Ships in a tube: This item will be rolled in a dent-resistant tube, which is a safe and cost-effective option for shipping oversized works. For works on paper, it’s recommended to send them directly to a framer for careful and professional unrolling upon delivery. Canvas works can be stretched or framed by a local framer.

Please note that the shipping cost for your artwork will be based on your location and may also include taxes and fees. For international orders, there may be additional fees that you’ll need to pay. It’s important to check with the artist or the artwork page for specific details on shipping fees and any additional costs that may apply.