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Timi Light

Timi Light is a contemporary visual artist, dancer, and singer whose strongest means of self-expression is through the visual arts. His passion for creating art has been with him since childhood, when he began drawing the things he noticed around him. 

Artist Bio

Artgence is proud to feature Timi Light, a contemporary visual artist, dancer, and singer based in IB city, Nigeria. Timi's creative moniker, "Timi Light," symbolizes the guiding light of his artistic journey. As a child, Timi was drawn to drawing, which gradually progressed into creating childish comics that he sold to his classmates. Despite being a dancer and singer, Timi's passion for the visual arts remained his strongest means of self-expression.

Timi pursued his artistic passions further by studying fine and applied arts at Obafemi Awolowo University in Ile-Ife, where he graduated with a degree. His art draws inspiration from his personal experiences and those of his community, depicting the ups and downs of life through distorted yet hopeful and colorful images that convey the message of "Broken but not damaged." Timi's work also focuses on celebrating the beauty, strength, and resilience of the black body and soul. He seeks to engage his viewers' imagination by placing distorted human figures in ways that require them to complete the omitted parts in their minds.

Timi has participated in numerous local art exhibitions and competitions, and his work was featured in 2019 on the art and review page of "THISDAY NEWS." Through his art, Timi Light aims to inspire others and spread positivity and hope in the world.

- Timi Light