July 20, 2022 8:35 am

Marques Hardin

The term “Metaverse” has many personalities and with it, comes many possibilities. The buzzword around this topic doesn’t seem to fade anytime soon; instead, major publications are constantly writing about the advancements in technology because of the Metaverse. This acceleration has resulted in a big change, which is inevitable and compels organizations to look closer.

Why Metaverse?

The first question that comes to your mind is “Why Metaverse?” Why not any other platform or technology? Well, the answer is right here in front of you. The reason we are talking about Metaverse is its capabilities, it goes way beyond the average understanding of the subjects and expands fast. Companies such as Microsoft and Facebook are in the process of building their Meta universe or have already done so. But why such interest? Because it’s the future and competition is fierce. 2022 demands more user-generated content and that’s exactly what Metaverse is promising to be for companies.

Work Culture in Metaverse

According to a study conducted by Dell, almost 70% of millennials and remote workers would be happy to try VR and AR technology professionally. The biggest example currently is Horizon Workrooms – a collaboration platform where people can work and interact with each other using AR and VR. In simple terms, if you are the CEO of a company and live in a different city, this platform enables you to organise meetings across the table, even when you are not physically present. When asked about this breakthrough, a lot of employees agreed that their productivity has increased and being virtually active helps them interact more with colleagues. Hello, no social anxiety!

For employers, Metaverse proves to be a platform where they can conduct seminars and training sessions. Onboarding training, workplace safety training, weekly informative seminars and VR/AR training are some of the examples of how you can create a world where it’s all about learning. They are also known as immersive learning environments.

Build it to See it

As mentioned above, Metaverse is its own world in itself, where users can mark their presence and interact the way they want to. Think about social media and digital presence, and then think about a space that’s an extension of our physical lives (but on a bigger platform). Metaverse has undoubtedly carved a niche for itself and helps users witness a galaxy beyond real life. Just like Leon Ng, Founder and CEO of LNG Studio, says, “Metaverse is a twin of our world, but they can have endless amounts of worlds.”

One of the biggest reasons to take part in this digital revolution is that whenever it knocks on our doors, we’ll be ready with the right tools. Installation and usage of Metaverse is an ongoing process and it’s here to stay.

About the Author

Marques Hardin is the founder of Artgence and author of the blog.

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